The Healing Circle

full-moon-mThe seasons turn, events come and go… one constant is the Moon and her phases. We saw her as children, spent nights outdoors looking up at her wondrous beauty. The Cycle of the Moon is indeed one the constants of our lives. Another constant is the cycle of the seasons. Mid-Winter, the shortest day, becomes Imbolc in February with the lambing season, takes us to the Spring Equinox when day and night are equal… Imbolc takes us to Beltane, know more widely as May-Day, and then Beltane leads us to the Summer Solstice when in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the longest day. With the longest days comes the harvest and on the First of August, we celebrate Lughnasadh. Soon follows the Autumn Equinox as the nights grow longer, taking us finally to Samhain or All-Souls-Day. The cycle then starts anew with the Mid-Winter. You can read about working with the cycle of the seasons here.

In today’s rapid world of instant communications and omnipresent media, we can easily lose our grounding. Coming back to ourselves is an art.

Processed with VSCO with k2 presetBut how do we seek inner peace and inner calm? Whilst there are many ways to achieve this, one sure way is to reconnect with our environment. This means getting back to nature for sure, but equally, getting back in touch with the old seasons, the seasons that have held meaning for generations and which are birthed in the land. The more rooted we are in our environment, the more we find our inner peace and are able to connect with the enormous power of the season as the year unfolds.

The aim of the Healing Circle is to help you access this power in your daily life. In times of change, we all have need of powerful tools to navigate our lives with constancy and success. With the Healing Circle, you are joining an international Circle that comes together to celebrate the major turning points of the natural year. You will share in our healings, offered eight times each year. And you will gain insight into living a more balanced and more joyous life.


The Circle began in 2015 when I was sitting on the moor in Somerset, and was encircled by a herd of Horses. It was not long before I learned that they were speaking to me as The Nation of Horses. The story unfolds from there.

Processed with VSCO with 10 presetI am not a horse-whisperer, but I do have a deep bond with our equine companions and my own work in healing has led me to develop equine workshops in which we can work together. The Horses offer channelled messages to the Healing Circle. The Healing Circle is in this sense horse-powered, and the horses are a part of our collective learning. As many equestrians are beginning to realise, horses now freed from their rôles in farm and industrial work, are now stepping into a different relationship with people. Humans and horses evolved together over many thousands of years. Today we are entering a new phase of our relationship. 


• An inspirational newsletter each season (8 letters every year)
Reiki distance healing on the eight ancient festivals (see here for details)
• Yearly Full Moon and New Moon Calendars to keep in touch with the moon’s phases
• Guidance with Healing rituals that will support you as you navigate the year
• Information and links to inspirational authors


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