The Healing Circle

Life runs crazily fast for many of us. The seasons turn, events come and go. We live in a permanent rush. This way of seeing life sees time as a straight line. Our ancestors and those who work with the land, however, live time as cyclic. One constant is the Moon and her phases. Whilst we all recall seeing her as children and spent nights outdoors looking up at her wondrous beauty. The Moon’s cycle is not just a wonder, it is a way of life.

Most of us can feel the strength of a full moon, but the moon is also transiting the zodiac, opposing the sun at the Full Moon and then conjuncting it at the New Moon. And this happens with every planet in the monthly cycle. The lunar energy is thus changing each day. When we ignore this, we are ignoring a fundamental aspect of our lives on Earth.



The Healing Circle is not about slowing us down, rather, about making us more aware of what is happening in the heavens, so that we can better handle what is down here.

To do this, we focus each Lunar Month at the New Moon on what we are creating. We take note, and are mindful of what is happening above, in order to tune into the energy that is manifest month by month. But we go further too.

Another constant is the Season Cycle, as lived by our Celtic ancestors.

These men and women celebrated eight festivals in the year. The beginning of the old calendar was the Mid-Winter, the shortest day of the year which then led to Imbolc in February, then to the Spring Equinox when day and night are equal… Beltane, know more widely as May-Day follows and Beltane leads us to the Summer Solstice when in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the longest day. With the longest days comes the harvest and on the First of August, we celebrate Lughnasadh. Soon follows the Autumn Equinox as the nights grow longer, taking us finally to Samhain or All-Souls-Day. The cycle then starts anew with the Mid-Winter.



When you join the Healing Circle, you are signing up to learn the power of working with the Cosmic Energies and how they relate to the Earth. Through our monthly Healing Circle New Moon Updates and our Calendar Newsletters, delivered eight times each year just before the old Celtic Festivals, you will be taking a step towards integrating the power of the natural cycles and seasons. You can read about working with the cycle of the seasons here.

New Moon Updates give specific information for working with each Lunar Cycle. Calendar Newsletters give a blend of historical information and practical tips to working with the season.

Updates and Newsletters are offered through our free mailing list. Just click on the button below to be taken to our subscription page. When you join, you will receive a copy of our free Guide entitled “The Healing Circle –  A more fulfilled life through working with the Seasons




As your understanding of the seasons deepens thanks to our monthly newsletters, you may decide that you would like to go deeper.

We propose a subscription-based membership which in addition to the regular mailings, offers three powerful features to help you on your journey.

First, we offer New Moon and Full Moon Calendars to each Inner Circle Member.

Second, we offer healing support through Distance Reiki. I am a qualified Reiki Master Teacher and my practice has specialised for some years in the art of working at distance. On each Celtic Festival, I send Reiki Healing to each member of the Healing Circle’s Inner Circle, to support them in the season. If you have specific areas of your life where you wish to support, I am able to bring this to your Reiki healing.

Third, we offer a range of e-Guides to Inner Circle members. These give a more in-depth approach to aspects of the Season. At the present time, we have two e-Guides, one on Working with the Moon as a spiritual practice, another on Working with Saturn. These can be purchased individually, but are offered to Inner Circle members with their subscription. There are about 6 titles produced each year.


Thank you for visiting the Healing Circle. This is a time of great change and we all need additional tools to help us navigate the seasons. We will be sharing another Healing Circle e-Guide specifically on this subject and to be released at the Summer Solstice.
And right now, we look forward to supporting you on your journey.


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