Chart readings

Many of you will be aware that the Healing Circle letters and e-Guides touch on important astrological themes. The hidden movements in the sky are not only part of the season’s cycle, they are also a source of deep wisdom regarding our own soul journeys and our life quest on earth. Following repeated requests for readings and personal astrological commentary, I am delighted to open this page and offer my reflections on individual and personal astrological charts. All I require is your birth date, the time and location of your birth. I will take care of the rest.




Charts are drawn using fully licensed Time Passages software. Whilst interpretations are my own, they are informed by the Evolutionary Astrology of Jeff Wolf Green. This posits that the position of Pluto in the chart gives a clear indication of the soul’s journey. This is accompanied by a consideration of the Lunar Nodes (where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic) elucidating the past life scenarios and the intention of the soul for this life.

Your reading will be sent by email with a photo of your chart for reference and written discussion takes approximately one week. Should you wish clarity on a specific context or situation, simply let me know when ordering your reading, or contact me privately by email.

I look forward to reading your chart.
Peter Jeffs, Somerset UK.


Peter is an active member of the
New Paradigm Astrology Community,
and the Astrology Hub Inner Circle.