Joining the Circle

Truly simple to join the Healing Circle. By signing up below, you will receive our beautifully designed newsletter, delivered to your mail-box eight times each year. The link below will direct you to our sign-up form. Our newsletter is absolutely free and contains information, observations and practices for working with the season, as well as links to inspirational authors and websites to help you navigate the season.


When you join our mailing list you will receive an email link to download a free copy of our e-book “Working with Saturn“.

This e-book gives insights into working with Saturn over the next three years as we deepen our inner work and build during an extremely powerful Capricorn transit.






To go further with the Healing Circle and share in the Reiki Distance Healing and other activities, you can become a full member with a small monthly subscription. A year’s Full membership is only £12.50/month, or £10/month for a Horse Companion.

In addition to our inspirational newsletter each season, Full Members receive:
• Reiki distance healing on the eight ancient festivals (see here for details)
• Yearly Full Moon and New Moon Calendars to keep in touch with the moon’s phases
• Guidance with Healing rituals that will support you as you navigate the year
• Information and links to Inspirational authors and events.

Horse companion is anyone who brings their Horse into the Healing Circle and is a gift at only £10/month. Both you and your horse will receive the blessings of Reiki.

For as little as £3/week you can now join us, support our work and further the dynamic we are creating with the Nation of Horses. In subscribing, not only are you receiving regular healing for yourself, you are stepping into healing one of the most important issues of our time — our relationship with the land.



I look forward to welcoming you into the Healing Circle.