Joining the Inner Circle


For those of you who wish to go deeper, we propose a subscription-based membership which, in addition to the regular mailings, offers three powerful features to help you on your journey.


First, we offer New Moon and Full Moon Calendars to each Inner Circle Member. These will be updated every year and sent out automatically to Inner Circle Members at the beginning of December, preceding the new year.


Second, we offer healing support through Distance Reiki. I am a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, working with Reiki for over six years. My practice has specialised for some years in the art of working at distance. On each Celtic Festival, I send Reiki Healing to each member of the Healing Circle’s Inner Circle, to support them in the season. If you have specific areas of your life where you wish to support, I am able to bring this into your Reiki healing.


Third, we offer a range of e-Guides to Inner Circle members. These give a more in-depth approach to aspects of the Season. At the present time, we have two e-Guides, one on Working with the Moon as a spiritual practice, another on Working with Saturn. These are offered to Inner Circle members with their subscription. There will be five or six titles produced each year, and our next eGuide will be about working with the Asteroid Chiron who enters the sign of Aries in April 2018. Chiron is, of course, the wounded healer, the great Centaur-Sage who taught Hercules himself. In an unfortunate brawl provoked by Hercules when visiting Pholus, another Centaur, on his way to his fourth Labour, (the Erymanthian boar). In the ensuing battle, a stray arrow wounded Chiron, wisest and justest of all the centaurs. A great healer, astrologer, and respected oracle, Chiron was said to be the first among centaurs and highly revered as a teacher and tutor. Ironically, Chiron, the master of the healing arts, could not however heal himself from Hercules’ poisoned arrow tip, and voluntarily gave up his immortality. For this reason, his half-brother Zeus took pity of him thus placed him among the stars in the sky to be honoured. The Greeks identified him as the constellation Centaurus. Chiron has been transiting Pisces for 8 years, and in April 2018 will move into the sign of Aries. This is of great importance for our healing work, as we shall see in this next guide.


Our e-Guide “Working with Saturn” gives insights into working with Saturn over the next three years as we deepen our inner work and build during an extremely powerful Capricorn transit. For those of you familiar with the astrology you will be aware of the importance of this transit.

For those of you who are discovering this approach to working with the season, the e-Guide is organised like a workbook, with the aim of practical applications.

Our e-Guides are offered to all subscribing members as they are published. Forming a vibrant library of e-books to help you work with the seasons.



Each member receives a distance Reiki healing on or just after the Celebration of the season. You are welcome to pose a question or seek guidance and I will consult the wonderful “Way of the Horse” Oracle, created by Eponaquest’s Linda Kohanov, equestrian, healer and guardian of deep Horse Wisdom. I have been working with the “Way of the Horse” for some time and love this way of connecting with the horses and their deep wisdom. To pose a question, please email me a couple of days before our healing ceremony.




We propose two kinds of memberships:

An Inner Circle Membership costs just £12.50 a month and includes Full and New Moon Calendars, distance Reiki and six e-Guides per year.

Horse companion is a full member who brings their Horse into the Healing Circle. This is a gift at only £10/month. Both you and your horse will receive the blessing of Reiki. We encourage horses to come into the Circle, as the Circle was originally channelled by the wild horses on the Quantocks in Somerset and as such, Horses are the Healing Circle’s familiar or power animal.

For as little as £3/week you can now join us, support our work and further the dynamic we are creating with the Nation of Horses. Membership fees are debited from your account on a monthly basis via PayPal. Please use the links below to subscribe.



I look forward to welcoming you into the Healing Circle.