The Healing Circle was founded at Mid-Winter 2015 by Pete Jeffs.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 23.15.28Many of us are seeking to reconnect with the land and the natural world and at the same time, we live in fragmented communities, often lacking immediate aid and support in developing this relationship. The vocation of the Healing Circle is to take us back into the greater cycles and help us navigate our passage between the forest and the stars.

Trained as a Reiki Master Teacher (2011 – 2016) and a qualified Kinesiologist (Associate ASK, Bristol School of Advanced Kinesiology, 2016).

The Healing Circle grew out of my appreciation not only for the Great Cycles of the Year but the importance of having guidance to navigate our path in what are often very challenging times. Initially encouraged by the Horses on the Somerset Moors, I was also inspired by The Power Path School of Shamanism, by the New Paradigm Astrology Collective, I felt called to create a Healing Circle to bring elements of both into a practice that is rooted in the land.

In the years to come, the Healing Circle will be growing towards several goals.
• The publication of guides and ebooks as part of our online training program.
Audio-meditations to accompany the cycle of the year.
• The facilitation of workshops.

As Kaypacha (New Paradigm Astrology) once said during one of his Pele Reports, it is now a time to build Circles, to come together to support each other, to heal and to celebrate. This is what the Healing Circle is truly about.